Wednesday, March 14, 2007

The Ritz

Victoria in the Bed at the Ritz
Victoria in the Swamp holding an Alligator

Here we are on our last full day of our honeymoon. Chris typing.

We spent last night here at the Ritz Carlton in New Orleans. We have an amazing room(thank you folks at On the Twenty) We have a king sized bed with about 10 feather down pillows on it, and a Feather pillow top mattress that you just sink right into. We have a fully stocked bar fridge that I have already locked so Victoria doesn't take anything out of it. The little bottle of gummy bears alone is $6.95.

The bathroom is all done up in Marble, marble floors, marble tiles around the bathtub. There are three seperate rooms just for the bathroom. One toilet room, one tub room and one vanity room. It's quite bright with all the white marble and huge mirrors.

When we arrived we received a nice little welcome package from the Ritz, basically a letter and a CD with some jazz on it.

Once we got to the room Victoria roamed around the room taking pictures, picking things up and oooing over them. Once she found the Ritz Robe she put it on and hasn't taken it off yet. She even slept in it. For our turn down service we received 66% dark Valrhona chocolate. Victoria liked that very much.

So far everything has been perfect with the Ritz, other then the construction going on in the street out front of the place, but nothing can be done about that. =)

Last night we went out to Mulates for dinner. A traditional Cajun restaurant. It was fantastic. There was live music playing and I would guess around 200 people in the place. I had a basic seafood platter so I could try everything(stuffed crab, fried oyster, catfish, shrimp, crawfish, and frogs legs) and Vic had the Crabmeat Au Grautin with a twice baked potatoe and sauteed veg. Everything was amazing. The better dinner award went to Victoria this night though as hers was just to die for. Mulates is now in our top 3 for meals on this trip. and we would recommend it to anyone coming down here.

We decided to stay in last night and catch up on a little sleep. As today promises to be a full day or touring the city and eating Good, Good food. Acme Oyster Bar for lunch and NOLA for dinner. We can't wait for NOLA.

This will be the last post from the road. Our internet runs out this afternoon and I won't pay another $10 just for tonight(yes, I'm cheap) So we'll post again when we get home for all those not in the area. Thanks for reading our blogs, we enjoyed all of your comments.

Talk to you later

Chris & Victoria