Friday, March 16, 2007

Back Home

Back home after a wonderful vacation. It was everything we had hoped for and more.

The last day of the trip was a great food day. It was raining most of the day though so we didn't do much more in the line of sight seeing or attractions. The one thing we did go and see was the Culinary history of New Orleans exhibit. It was an interesting stop with many pictures and artifacts from years gone by. Several menu's from restaurants over the years.
Then we went for lunch at Acme Oyster Bar. We started out with half a dozen raw oysters then half a dozen grilled oysters. And they were AMAZING! The grilled ones were better, but put anything in garlic butter smothers with cheese and it's going to be better. Anyway, we started with that, had a couple of Po Boys(subs) , then finished with a pecan pie for desert. Everything was very good and we would suggested anyone that like oysters go to this place.
After lunch we decided to just relax and bide our time until dinner at NOLA's. You don't think you are tired until you lay down on a feather bed, then you are out like a light.
We got all dressed up in our Sunday finest and headed out to NOLA. about a 15 minute walk from the Ritz. It had just started to rain again as we stepped into the restaurant so we got lucky getting there. we were not so lucky on the way home.
NOLA's was Perfect. We stared at the bar as we waited for our table to be ready. I had a Long Island Ice Tea and Victoria had a Vodka on the rocks. It didn't take long until we were being seated. NOLA has three levels to it, with an elevator in the middle to take guests from one floor to the next. So we road the elevator up to the second floor and were seated in a nice corner where Victoria could people watch all night. The service was perfect, high dinning service but in a more casual environment. There were three servers covering our area of 5 tables. Each had their own job and did it well.
To start Victoria had " Baby Greens Tossed in Sherry Wine-Bacon Vinaigrette with Blackberries and Warm Pistachio Crusted Goat Cheese " and I had the special of the day app which was grilled Scallops on a bed of spinach cooked in garlic butter resting on phyllo pastry.
For our main dish I had the "
Hickory-Roasted Duck with Whiskey-Caramel Glaze, Buttermilk Cornbread Pudding, Haricot Verts-Fire Roasted Corn Salad, Natural Jus and Candied Pecans" which was amazing. You would think in a place like this you would get a duck breast and that's it. Nope, I got half a duck with this meal. It was almost to much food.
Victoria had the "
"Shrimp & Grits" Sautéed Gulf Shrimp, Grilled Green Onions, Smoked Cheddar Grits, Apple Smoked Bacon, Crimini Mushrooms, Creole Tomato Glaze and Red Chili-Abita Butter Sauce ". It was perfect, the shrimp were cooked perfectly, the flavors worked really well together and she ate every last spoon full.
Next was desert. After my half a duck I was in no need for desert but Victoria wasn't passing up this chance to have desert. She had a slice of chocolate bourbon pecan pie with sweet potatoe ice cream and caramel drizzle. It was yum yum yum!
So we had finished our meal at NOLA's and we rate it our Number 1 meal for the trip. Not by very much though. But that's for another post.
We headed back to the hotel in the rain, got into our feather bed and drifted off to sleep for the last time on our honeymoon. In the morning we went down to the restaurant in the hotel for breakfast(side note here, the breakfast tray we had from the day before was Still in the hallway outside our door) We had eggs benedict. Mine was traditional Vic had a crab cake on the bottom instead. Both were good. We went back up to the room, packed up our stuff and said good bye to our room. Some of us took longer to say goodbye then others, but I won't say who.

Overall we loved our trip, best one either of us has ever been on. We thank everyone for reading and commenting both right on here and the emails people have sent. I'm sorry that some people couldn't log into the system to post. We hope to get a chance to go to New Orleans again, after they have finished repairing all the damage from the storms. After a few days of rest we'll be posting our Best/Worst awards on here for all to see.

Thanks again, talk to you all later.