Thursday, March 8, 2007

Wednesday Wackyness

Hi Y'all!!! It's Victoria.

So Wednesday was wacky, wild and long. We had breakfast at the hotel and then left for Gatorland. Sea World was way to expensive so Gatorland for $20 a person was perfect for us!! We drove by tons of really amazing hotels on the way. Most notably the Ritz Carlton and J.W. Marriott whict you can see from like 30 miles away!!!

Gatorland was fabulous! Lots of gators obviously... birds.... snakes.... a petting zoo with baby goats!!!!! They were soooo cute! The baby alligators were adorably too. We watched two shows. One was the Upclose Encounters where they proceeded to bring scary things out of boxes and made the audience hold them. Mostly snakes. The secong show was the Gator Jumparoo show where they make gators jump out of the water for pieces of raw chicken. Chris took some really good photos of both of them. We took the train ride and apparently Indiana Jones was partially shot there. Don't remember which movie but it must have been one with alligators in it. They have an alligator breeding marsh and wherever you looked off into the distance were lots of alligators. Then we decided to try some gator meat. Gator nuggests and Gator ribs. Chris liked it...I couldn't get past the little bones in the ribs. I don't think I would eat Gator again. Maybe I should suggest Gator to our chef for the next menu?

Chris and I had lunch with one of Chris's Internet Gaming friends and his fiancee. His real name is Kenny but his "handle" is Thraggen. We went to an Italian restuarant called Palace Italian Grill. Fantastic food!!! They brought out complimentary bruschetta and roasted peppers then Chris ordered lasagna and I have a proscuitto and mozzarella panini. We had a Lemoncello Tart for dessert and also complimentary glasses of Lemoncello. We had a great time at lunch and we can't wait for them to visit us up in the cold cold north.

So from Lunch we travelled to the Florida Strawberry Festival. All I can say is WOW. Americans know how to throw a Fair!!! We walked around alittle bit and then went to see the Pig Races!!! Robinson's Racing Pigs!!! I got to bet one one pig at her name was Britney Spareribs. They are the cutest things ever!!! We watched them race around a track and then they also raced and swam!!! The last race they brought out baby pigs to race and it seriously was the cutest thing ever!! Yes we have both video and pictures. We walked around the Livestock area and looked at all the crafts. We had some dinner. Polish and Italian sausages on buns and a Blooming onion. Yummy onions. We also had a Strawberry shortcake (minus the whip cream)They had some of the most interesting fried foods!!! They had Fried Twinkies and Oreo's!!!! Next was the concert. We had fairly good seats. He sang a bunch of songs. Some I knew and most I didn't. Yes he sang all the old favourites like Through the years, Islands in the Stream, the Gambler, Lucille etc. The Gambler was funny. There was a big screen and they played clips from the Gambler movie 1-5 and then hesaid coming soon Gambler 6 and they had Coolio and old movie clips of Kenny Rogers superimposed together!!! Then he started trying to RAP!!!! We also saw his twin boys and wife. They came out on stage and Kenny made one of the twins sing the Gambler... Hilarious!!! Overall it was a good concert! I hope some of the pictures turned out.

So we left the Strawberry Festival fully bloated from deep fried food and with alittle bit of a country twang. I bought some strawberries, we are needing some wholesome food after the last few days.

Alright we have to go now.... Driving to St. Augustine today. So that's all from Orlando.

Oh and Sid and babies just yet...let me concentrate on my apprenticeship for alittle while. Check back with us in a year.

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Unknown said...

Gater meat??? And I thought me eating beaver was messed up! YUM I hope you enjoyed it! :S
Hope the trip goes well to your next stop, Can't wait for more stories! Love you guys! (PS there is about 4 feet of snow here, some signs are covered...first thing I saw flying into the Grande Prairie airport was a John Deere Tractor truckin' it down the highway ... IT'S GOOD TO BE HOME!)